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Honestly I only have myself to blame for that but hey i'm a good guy right I share.I'd be careful about following in my footsteps with this story as you could end up in some trouble if you pick the wrong girl.If you've never been to a curtain hotel in Chiang Mai it's basically a parking spot with a door, the door is unlocked you walk into the door there is a room and then they pull a curtain behind the car, you pay by the hour and you pay when you leave not when you arrive.

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So i've blown my chances with Yee which i'm pissed at myself mostly for double booking but at Nok as well for being late.

When Nok shows up she's got a good body nice face white skin she doesn't like talking Thai but speaks Lanna to me which I hate but I roll with it.

Experienced players in Chiang Mai should have no problem though.

So I posted this note on postjung saying that I wanted to meet a girl for fun basically meaning I wanted to fool around.

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