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Clinical pharmacy and therapeutics online dating

Since it is involved in blood coagulation, deficiency can cause easy bruising.The primary form in the diet is phylloquinone, which is found mostly in green leafy vegetables, but also in cheese, liver, coffee, and green tea.It is generally accepted that the naphthoquinone is the functional group, so that the mechanism of action is similar for all K-vitamins.Substantial differences may be expected, however, with respect to intestinal absorption, transport, tissue distribution, and bio-availability.Vitamin K is an organic exogenous compound required by humans for a vital function in clotting.

Vitamin K2 are found in some fermented foods such as cheese or natto, and can be also be made in the gut by bacteria.Early research suggested that low vitamin K status is associated with low bone mass and an increased risk of fracture in elderly patients.Clinical research then began to develop showing that taking certain vitamin K supplements might also improve bone mineral density in some patients.In humans, sources of vitamin K are derived from plants as phylloquinone and bacteria as the menaquinones.Menadione is a synthetic product used as a pharmaceutical but also represents an intermediate in the tissue-specific conversion of vitamin K to menaquinone-4, which preferentially resides in tissues such as brain.

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Vitamin K3 is a synthetic water-soluble substance that is chemically similar to natural vitamin K but with limited effectiveness.